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Venture Superlite Hi 5.0 Raw Truck

Venture Superlite 5.0 Skate Trucks Review

If you were ever wondering,  ”What are the best venture trucks?“, then look no further because I will explain to you why these Venture Superlite 5.0 Skate Trucks are the best in the business.

First things first, true to to their name, these Venture superlites are truly super light trucks.  If you’re wondering how much do Venture superlite trucks weigh, well I’m not going to give you the grams and ounces because I don’t have a scale (well, at least not one for that purpose if you know what I mean!).  I will tell you that they are extremely lightweight and you won’t have a problem with these trucks weighing you down at all!

Venture Superlite Skate Trucks Review

Grinding with these trucks

Such a sinch, you’ll wonder why you ever used other trucks in the past.  They are better than Tensor trucks for grinding because they are built for grinding more than just vert or street skating options.  I say this because the kingpin will never get stuck as it sometimes does with Tensor skate trucks.  They also are very smooth and don’t wear down after multiple grinding sessions.

I had a pair of these Venture trucks for what seemed like years, and they never ever once broke down on me.  What happened was after 2 or so years of heavy skating, one of them finally cracked.  Now those of you skaters who do alot of heavy grinding like I do will understand that 2 years of heavy use for skating trucks is not too shabby at all.  In fact, I haven’t found a better more durable pair of skating trucks yet.

Venture is a well-known brand in the skating world.

They’ve produced a number of high quality products throughout the years.  As I was growing up, all the neighborhood kids used to think you were a poser unless you had Venture trucks, becaause at the time they were by far the best trucks out there.  Recently, however, a number of other skate truck companies have seemed to pop up, but venture still remains strong producing some of the most top of the line trucks in the skateboarding market.  They have not changed their ways, the only thing they have changed is their style because their new line of skate trucks are by far the sexiest yet.  The new line is the Venture 5.0 trucks which replace the old ones obviously.

So not only are these Venture trucks extremely light, ridiculously durable, and awesome for precision tricks and turning, but they are also some of the most affordable trucks out there.  Since they make a quality product that people actually buy, they don’t have to charge as much for their skateboard trucks as other skating companies who make trucks have to.

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