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Tensor Slider Magnesium Lo Skateboard Trucks Review

Tensor Slider Magnesium Lo Skateboard Trucks Review

First, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty. I know what you’re wondering: how much do tensor magnesium trucks weigh?  Well you’ll be happy to know that these Tensor Slider Magnesium Lo Skateboard Trucks Review are extremely light-weight. This is important, because heavy trucks can weigh you down. This makes some of the harder, more technical skateboard tricks impossible to accomplish! However, these Tensors are still very solid trucks, and you won’t have to worry about them falling apart on you! Have you ever went to grind and had your trucks crack below your deck? It’s a rare occurence, but I have had it happen a handful of times. Tensor is the best and the brightest in finding a balance.

Tensor Skateboard Trucks MAGNESIUM SLIDER BLUE

Speaking of which

if you are planning on doing any grinding, these are the skateboarding trucks for you. They are silky smooth plastic slider plate that helps out with the grinds, and as long as you wax up the grinding surface these will last you a long time. The kingpin is tucked nicely into a nifty little pocket well below the hangar, so you’ll never have to worry about catching your kingpin on the obstacle you are grinding (something that happens when you have grinded down cheap trucks). Sometimes if you tighten the trucks too tight, you might disturb the kingpin though, so watch out for that! These trucks will never rust, a common problem with cheaper trucks if you ever hit the sewage drain going down the sidewalk!

These trucks are easily adjustable and are excellent for responsive turning. These trucks boast strong axles, baseplate nubs, and interlocking bushings, allowing for a ton of customization in the feel of your skateboard deck.

The only thing I can reccomend to make them better is to upgrade the bushings with some Bones Medium Bushings. The stock ones are excellent however, but they will break if you play with them too much when customizing your board. Maybe it was a problem I had because I was often switching them from different skate decks and wheel setups. If you’re looking to put together the best skate board in the world, I’d still reccomend upgrading the bushings, but like I said the stock ones should work just fine, though they take awhile to break in!

Tensor Slider Magnesium Lo’s are great for a tight ride, extremely flexible, and a solid skateboard truck.

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