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Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

One question I get a lot is skateboard tricks for beginners. This is though to answer, as a “beginner” is a vague term. If you just purchased your first skateboard, then even riding it can be a challenge. This article will discuss everything from your first foot on the board, to advanced tricks.

Skateboard Tricks For Beginners – Step 1

Figure out of the you are left foot forward, or left foot. The easy way to tell is run and jump. Which foot did you push off the ground with? That is your back foot, and your other foot is your front foot. That was easy. Now, place your front foot on the board with your toes near the front bolts, just behind the bolts. Then, push with your other foot.

This is the normal way to push. For instance, if you are left foot forward, place your left foot behind the front bolts and push with your right foot.

Just get used to pushing around and steering, by leaning left and right.

Skateboard Tricks For Beginners – Step 2

The easiest trick to learn is the ollie. This is where you jump and the board comes with you. It is the basis for almost every other trick you will learn on a skateboard. We have a step by step guide to the ollie over here. once you master the ollie you can work on your flip tricks.

Skateboard Tricks For Beginners – Step 3

The next tricks to learn are flip tricks. These involve the kickflip, heelflip, and the varial kickflip. Learn them in that order. These tricks will probably take you the longest because they deal with balance, foot work, and concentration.

Once you have these three tricks down you can work on some grinds

Skateboard Tricks For Beginners – Step 4

Grinding. It sounds so brutal, but it’s not. Start with the 50 50 grind, then the boardslide. These two tricks will help you with all other grinds and will also help you work on your balance. The boardslide is really tough because you have to learn to balance on the dead center of your board.

Skateboard Tricks For Beginners – Step 5

Advanced tricks like the 360 flip, and anything switch is harder, and the final tricks you will probably learn. Riding switch is when you ride with your not-natural foot facing the forward direction. If you are left foot forward, now ride right foot forward. It’s going to feel weird at first, but you will eventually get it. Then you can re-learn all the tricks above over again.


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