We are well aware of the fact the buying Skateboard is not an easy task. Many people love to buy offline and many go with the brands. There is a variety of skateboards available online and comes in all shapes and sizes and, of course, they progress through different skill levels.

An expert advice is very important if you are going with a skateboarding shopping first time. But this is not a big issue as we enjoy the online world of internet.

We are here to give you some easy tips to make your shopping experience easy and interesting.

But for that, you must have a clear idea about your requirements. Have an idea by visiting and observing the university or college campuses, parks are a good choice too.

You can observe a lot of cruisers – the type of skate boards and the stunts or tricks they are performing. It will help you to have an idea about the speed and comfort you are looking for. Many skaters do a little of everything.

Our skateboarding buyer’s guide will help you in connecting the dots between the type of skater you are or you want to be and the best equipment which are necessary to perform the best you can.

If you are a pro then it will be easier for you to improve your skills and bring your skateboarding to the next level. Beginner skateboarders will enjoy the best learning experience of this amazing sport by having the right equipment.

Skateboarding has taught me two things – that symbolize a meaning of life. How to keep a balance and how to pick yourself up when you’ve fallen.
Beginner Intermediate Expert
Being a beginner you are new to technical details and you have to learn a lot. We recommend you to go with an affordable complete skateboard, cruiser or longboard. Start learning the basics and the things will be more clear to you with time.

At an intermediate level, you start performing technical moves and tricks very easily. You should start learning new moves and master your skills so that you can go with harder tricks.

Here are our recommendations: Give a try to new adjustments with different trucks or wheels and observe the results of your skating experience.

Go with expert advice (from your coach or senior) before going with new adjustments.

As an expert skater, you are clear with your requirements. Go with the reviews of other players to have a customized and well-assembled skateboard.

You can choose your terrain and it will help you to perform better than others.

Our recommendations: Try customizing your perfect set-up right down to the exact hardware, bearings, and grip you demand.

Skaters love performing tricks and stunts with their skateboards and hence they can be easily divided into groups based on the type of terrain they ride, and the style they use to execute their tricks.
Wheels and Trucks of Skateboards are specially designed to perform some special styles.

Here we are mentioning the list of skating styles and the perfect equipment required.
Vert Street & Technical All-Rounder Longboard
Vert skaters who are also known as Pool and Bowl skaters, love to perform on ramps and other vertical structures, catching air and performing grabs and spin tricks.

Recommendation: For vert skaters, the boards with unique nose and tail shape will be great. These will help you to add a little more style to your riding.

Street Skateboarding is fun and a lot of performers love this. The best thing about it is you start learning and performing and every day you have to perform something new. You need to master your foundation first otherwise, there are chances of serious injuries too.

Recommendation: Try working with a standard “popsicle” shaped skateboard with a rounded nose and tail. The round shape board flips more naturally in the air during technical flip tricks.

An all-rounder skater is one who is ready to perform on any platform. You can call him an expert of every terrain.

Recommendation: you should begin with a standard shaped skateboard that’s versatile and expand your board and hardware preferences as your skills progress.

Longboarding is very different and the requirements differ too. It is most commonly use as transportation ride as the unique design of these boards allows for a more fluid ride, with skaters making wide turns that resemble the movement of surfing or freeride snowboarding. The Longboards are available online in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Recommendation: go with an affordable longboard as a beginner and then choose the best after having the right experience.

Your height and weight does matters while buying a skateboard. Each board is designed with a well defined width, length and shapes to meet the needs of a certain category of rider, body size included.
You must check the details mentioned by the manufacturer it will help you.

Price is not an issue when you have the best ride. But beginners do keep this in mind that starting with an affordable skateboard is the best practice.

Every component is costly when you want to buy an original and best one. Branded boards are great as they come with a warranty and after sales services.

Here I’m also going to include some FAQs about Skateboard.

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5. Where should I buy a skateboard?
Final Verdict:
We know you love skateboarding and hence we tried our best to clear your every possible doubt. Skateboarding is a great sport and full of adventure when you are on the right skateboard.There are a variety of skateboards available online and hence it very confusing to go with the best one. Our list (mentioned above) is prepared by keeping every prospect in mind.

We are sure that our reviews will be helpful to you and you will try our recommendations. Don’t be upset if your skateboard is not in the list as the task was very difficult and we want to recommend the best products available online.

Go with the recommendations and the steps mentioned and have an amazing skateboarding experience.