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Santa Cruz Cmplete 40″ Board 

Santa Cruz Complete 40″ Board

Premium Design & High Quality

Santa Cruz Cmplete 40″ Board

Next in the list of Best skateboards is the Santa Cruz Drop Thru Cruzer longboard. This Board is definitely a great longboard regardless of how many years of experience you have had in skateboarding.

Santa Cruz, which is a well-known skateboarding brand in the world, delivers what riders want.

We are recommending this longboard as it comes with premium quality components that will help you maximize your longboarding experience.

If you’re searching for a well-branded and high quality longboard, the Santa Cruz Lion Thru Cruzer is one you must consider. It comes with very high quality Road Rider wheels provide maximum speed and make it ideal for downhill ride.

This longboard offers a great ton of value as all the Santa Cruz manufactured components such as the Road Rider trucks and wheels are great if you were to purchase them separately.

This board has a Santa Cruz Metallic Ink Drop Down Longboard Deck which measures in at 10 inches by 40 inches. This longboard offers stability and ease in riding

One important thing to note about this board is that all the parts used in this longboard are Santa Cruz parts, which are of best quality.

The amazing artwork of Lion makes it an obvious head turner. This is a highly affordable longboard considering its features and specifications.

Do not worry about its weight as it is very lightweight and easily storable plus very portable. The low center of gravity of this longboard ensures maximum stability and easy riding.

Build quality of of the board is excellent as the tough Maple laminate deck provides strength to the board and extra grip for rider.

Here are the pros and cons of this Santa Cruz board.

  • Top-notch Santa Cruz bearings and trucks for maximum performance.
  • Low center of gravity for increased stability.
  • No speed wobbles even at high speeds.
  • Smooth riding experience.
  • Great graphic design and great.
  • Lightweight board.
  • Price can be the only issue.

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