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Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard – Budget Friendly & Unique Design

Looking for a value for money Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard? Then Quest will serve your thirst.

Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard

The Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard comes with a lot of features and hence it totally deserves to be on our list of Best Skateboards.

The kick nose and tail design on this board are great, this can be a personal preference but sometimes when you can’t turn quick enough it is easy to step on the tail and pivot out of the way.

It also helps to lift the front wheels to get over a big bump without having to get off the board. The 70mm PU wheels on this board are mid-range as far as hardness goes for longboard wheels and are great all around wheels for someone who is a beginner.

The wheels will fulfill your expectations as they have great traction due to large contact patch and beveled edges.The bearings are which are available with the Super cruiser is having ABEC 7 ratings.

If you are not new to skateboarding you hopefully know that the ABEC ratings mean almost nothing when it comes to skate bearings and is mostly hype, there are many other factors which must be considered while choosing the right bearings and we can talk about it later.

Don’t worry about the ratings as out of the box these bearings perform pretty well, they surely aren’t the fastest, they seem to be lubed with something on the heavier side, providing great protection but maybe sacrificing some of the speed.This 44-Inch artisan bamboo Skateboard is a beauty and comes with Multi-ply Hardwood Maple and beautiful artisan bamboo deck.

  • Suitable board for many different riding styles including cruising and carving.
  • Doesn’t require any modifications for a smooth ride.
  • Beautifully designed longboard.
  • Long lasting and durable longboard.
  • Kick-tail on the front of the board.
  • Value for money.
  • A Little heavy- this can be the hassle if you often need to carry it around.
  • Not the most flex longboard decks around.

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