Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard – Long Lasting & High Quality Design – Skateboard Reviews – Skateboard Reviews and Buyer Guide
Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard – Long Lasting & High Quality Design

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard – Long Lasting & High Quality Design

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard


Penny Graphic Complete Skateboards


The Penny Skateboard style means a lot of things to a lot of skateboard lovers out here.

For some, it is a link to 80s style and skateboarding. To others, it is a trendy, classy, colorful, simple introduction to skateboarding and fun.
Many people consider it as an art form, which is enforced with Pendleton’s amazing graphics getting their own line. The large wheels give decent riding over all bumps and cracks effortlessly.
The giant bushings on the trucks are provided for soft, yet sharp turns. And best of all small size and unique design makes this the perfect board to keep by your side.

Only the Penny is capable to offer the cruising experience of a longboard in something so small.

The Penny brand and their fabulous skateboards are what brought this style of skateboard back, and it’s very much clear why as soon as you ride one. The special attention is given on detailing of these boards that no other brand can compare with.

The bearings which are provided with the board leave a bit to be desired, but are leaps and bounds beyond any other “stock” bearing and the slightly slower bearings almost serve as a safety precaution.


The vinyl board itself is really very strong, and despite some rough landings has shown no ware. The Skateboard has a 22 long Deck and it comes with 3.125 Penny Trucks. The 59 mm Penny Wheels allows you a great riding experience.

This amazing skateboard is best for both beginners and lovers of skateboarding as it is handy, vibrant and really a good performer at the same time.

  • Easy to ride on pavements and sidewalks.
  • Small and compact design.
  • Strong and long lasting.
  • Stable and smooth rides.
  • Paint at the bottom may chip off

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