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How To Shove It – Shuvit

How To Shove It – Shuvit

A shove it (shuvit) is where you do a small jump and your board flips 180 degrees in a flat spin.

A shove it shuvit is one of the first tricks you learn because it is easy and will help you get the feel for flipping your board around. It is best to learn this trick before a kickflip. I know kickflips are cool, but you need a great foundation before you get advanced

Your board will leave your feet for the first time, and you aren’t going to land this skateboard trick at first, but keep at it. It’g going to be a weird feeling, but don’t stress out.

To start learning this trick put the board in front of you. Take your back foot, put it on the tail, and scoop it so your board flips 180. The tail of the board should NOT hit the ground. Try this with your left foot a few times, and then with you right foot. Your goal is to have the board flip 180 and land in the 180 position.

When you get good at this you can step on the board.

Shove It – Shuvit – Step 1

Stand on your skateboard with your foot on the tail of the board and your front foot halfway up your skateboard. Your toes should NOT hang over the edge of the board. You probably ride around like this already, so your should be used to it.

Shove It – Shuvit – Step 2

Crouch down so your legs are now parallel to the ground. Get used to this position. Crouch down and stand up a few times. You will eventually get so used to this that it will be second nature.

Shove It – Shuvit – Step 3

When you unload your weight your board should already be turning. As you start to see the board coming around slam your feet down to catch it. You don’t really get “air” with this trick, you’re just spinning your board.

As you get good at this you can try to do one backwards – which is going to be hard, but follow the same methods. Scoop your back foot and throw your front foot behind you.

Then you are ready to try it fakie. Fakie is where you have the same foot position as you have riding fowards, but you are going the opposite direction. Roll in the wrong direction and try your shuvit.


Check it out this video how to Shuvit


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