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How To 50-50 Grind

How To 50-50 Grind

The 50-50 grind is normally the first grind you learn. It is where 50% of the board is on the rail, and 50% is off.

Easy Skateboard Tricks – Grinding

The 50-50 grind is done all on your trucks, and it’s going to be a weird feeling the first time you try it. It’s metal on metal and it doesn’t feel right at first. You can also try it on a curb that has wax or soap on it. Try your first 50-50 grind on something that is only 3 inches off the ground at first, until you feel comfortable.

50-50 Grind Basics

You first need to learn how to ollie. Learn how to Ollie here first

First, try to stand in front of the curb and ollie onto the edge of it. Rememebr to keep your shoulders straight. Learn how to balance when you land on the edge with your trucks. This will give you a fele for the balance. You can try this frontside (toes facing the curb) and then backwide (heels toward the curb). Frontside is usually easier to learn at first.

When you start you probably won’t be good. The whole board will be on the curb, or you’ll just miss the curb. Eventually you will land with your trucks right on the curb. Now – kick the tail a bit and turn to get off the curb and out of the grind.

After you start to get good at this, position yourself as if you were riding directly up to the curb, perpendicular. Ollie, and turn 180 degrees and land on the curb. Master this little trick and you will set yourself up for riding in halfpipes and other areas.

Get Some Speed

Once you have this down you can try to get some speed and try it. Start out at a slow roll and jump onto the curb. When you try this you will probably stop dead as soon as you land on the curb. If the curb has no waz you will definitly stop. If you can, get a bar of soap or wax and rub it along the curb where you plan to grind. This will make the curb slippery so you can slide on your trucks, but be careful! It’s very slippery.

Once you can do this with a little bit off speed, try rolling, ollie and 50-50 grind, and get off the curb while you are still rolling.

That’s it!

When you can do this easily it’s time to get some speed and grind for longer.

Grind On Rails

50-50 Grind – skateboard trick

When you are great at curbs you can move up to rails. You can find small rails that sit on the ground, or you can find someone to help you build a small one. When you start to grind on rails be careful! They are 100% more slippery than a curb. Your feet will fly out from underneath you if you aren’t careful.

When you get good at 50-50 grinds on flat rails you can try hand rails – but that’s getting pretty advanced.

There are so many things I could say about a 50-50 grind but you really need to get out there and just feel it. Get out there and grind! Grind a lot and get used to the feeling of landing into a grind.

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