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Pipemaster Electric Skateboard

Pipemaster Electric Skateboard

Safety & Agility
Pipemaster Electric Skateboard ones for the juniors, or those that want tight turns. Great fun at the skate park, its just the right size to carve the bowl and hit the humps.


  • Concave for better traction
  • MUCH SHORTER WHEELBASE allows for tighter turns – The perfect size for younger riders

Motor Type: 250 Watts

  • 250 watts –  All the power you need ON or OFF the ROAD !!!
  • All alloy construction
  • Choice of Lithium LifePO4 or sealed lead acid battery.

Wheel Style: Alloy Street

  • Aluminium Rims with hard rubber wheels, plenty of Grip, Durable & Strong.

Top Speed: 22 Km/h
Range: 15Km
: Rechargeable memory free, deep cycle, high output battery pack (quick release)
Charging time: 3-6 hours
Control: Wireless Controller + 3 speed settings, Stepless digital throttle control, 3 speed settings allow fo safer controlled progression of your board skills
Max Load: 85Kg
Safety trip switch: Yes

Fiik Skateboards present this entry model high quality electric skateboard as a great way to get started! 

A gem of a board especially for Kids areound 8-11 years old and less than 55kg – As a kids board combined with their low weight and a 250w motor, skating times can easily achieve 1+ hours with the lead acid battery. With good speeds of up to 15km/hr this is an ideal board for your kids, easy to handle and more like their standard skateboard size and feel, oh and because of its short wheel base – super responsive.

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