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Easy Skateboard Tricks

Easy Skateboard Tricks

Some Skateboard Tricks are easy, some some are harder. When you first step on a skateboard and get used to how to ride it, it’s time to learn some easy skateboard tricks.

Easy Skateboard Tricks

1st Trick – Ollie

Easy Skateboard Tricks – Ollie

The first trick to learn is  the “ollie”. Since this is your first trick it will undoubtedly be the hardest because it will be the first time that you are doing something unusual with your feet and the board. An ollie is where you jump up and your board comes with you. This will help you jump up onto side walks, over obstacles and help you move on to other easy skateboard tricks.



2nd Trick – Shuvit

Easy Skateboard Tricks – Shuvit

The second trick to learn is the “shove it” or “shuvit”. This trick will help you flip your skateboard 180 degrees. Sometimes you start to ride you board and it’s backwards, so you want to flip it 180 degrees without having to stop – which is where the shuvit comes in



3rd Trick – Pop Shuvit

The third trick you should learn is the “pop shove it” or “pop shuvit”. This is your first trick where you’re doing it for show. It will help you flip your board 180 degrees, but it adds flair to doing it. Consider this your first real fun trick


4th Trick – Kickflip

Easy Skateboard Tricks – Kickflip

Your fourth trick will be the “kickflip”! This is the main trick everyone wants to learn when they stop skateboarding, It’s where you jump with your board and you board does a “barrel roll”, so to speak. This trick is so much fun and it can be added to the start of other tricks. From here your options are unlimited to learn other easy skateboard tricks.



6th Trick -Varial Flip

Easy Skateboard Tricks – Varial

The fifth trick to learn is the “varial kickflip”, “varial”, or “varial flip”. This is where you do a kick flip, but your board also rotates 180 degrees.


Easy Skateboard Tricks – Grinding

7th Trick – Grinding

The sixth trick is usually a grind. You already know how to ollie, so when you ollie onto the ledge of a side walk, or some piece if metal, you grind along it. The grind is such a diverse trick, because depending on which of your trucks are on the ledge/rail, it has a different name. Some grinds like the 50 50 grind are easier, while the smith grind is very hard.




8th Trick – 360 Flip

The final trick you would normally learn is the 360 flip. This is probably the holy grail of tricks as it takes a dedicated rider to learn it. It involved specific foot placement and a lot of great timing to complete it. It can be hard – but stick with it!


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