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Urban Electric Skateboard

Grommet Fiik Electric Skateboard

Safety & Agility Grommet Electric Skateboard ones for the Little People, great for the pathways at the park, or playing safely on the pavement and driveway at home. With upto 45 minutes of ride time before needing another charge – this board is a great introduction to Fiik Electric Skateboards. Deck Style: Grommet – Bright … Read moreUrban Electric Skateboard

Pipemaster Electric Skateboard

Pipemaster Electric Skateboard

Safety & Agility Pipemaster Electric Skateboard ones for the juniors, or those that want tight turns. Great fun at the skate park, its just the right size to carve the bowl and hit the humps. Deck Style: PIPE MASTER Concave for better traction MUCH SHORTER WHEELBASE allows for tighter turns – The perfect size for … Read morePipemaster Electric Skateboard

Stinger Electric Skateboard

Stinger Electric Skateboard

Stinger Electric Skateboard   THE CLASSIC LONG BOARD SHAPE Deck Style: The Stinger CONCAVE for better traction Stinger Electric Skateboard Longer and narrower board shape with a little more length in the nose. Allows great weight distribution. RETRO STYLING with the flared line edge tapering into the tail. A great tuck in hill bomber !! … Read moreStinger Electric Skateboard

Gullwing Sidewinder Skate Trucks Review

Gullwing Sidewinder Skate Trucks Gullwing Sidewinders are great skateboard trucks for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason they are great, is because they are revolutionary in design. Now if your a skater who’s into doing technical tricks, they might not be the best Gullwing Sidewinder Skate Trucks for you. But if you like … Read moreGullwing Sidewinder Skate Trucks Review

Street Surfer Electric Skateboard

THE ENDLESS WAVE SURF THE TURF OR CONCRETE, this board will give you HIGH SPEEDS on road and fun OFF the road. A Shorter Wheelbase gives you a rocket with the clearance to get you there . Deck Style: The Street Surfer CONCAVEfor better traction Shorter Wheel Base allows tighter turns. RETRO STYLING and a … Read moreStreet Surfer Electric Skateboard