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Stinger Electric Skateboard

Stinger Electric Skateboard

Stinger Electric Skateboard

Stinger Electric Skateboard



Deck Style: The Stinger

  • CONCAVE for better traction Stinger Electric Skateboard
  • Longer and narrower board shape with a little more length in the nose. Allows great weight distribution.
  • RETRO STYLING with the flared line edge tapering into the tail. A great tuck in hill bomber !!

Motor Type: 600 Watts

  • 600 watts –  Great acceleration and top end speed.
  • All alloy construction
  • Lithium LifePO4 battery or Sealed lead acid battery.

    Genesis Stinger Electric Skateboard


Wheel Style: Alloy Street

  • Aluminum Rims with hard rubber wheels, plenty of grip, Durable & Strong.

ABS Braking: Yes
Top Speed
: 33 Km/h
Range: 22Km
: Rechargeable memory free, deep cycle, high output battery pack (quick release)
Charging time: 3-6 hours
Control: Wireless Controller + 3-speed settings, Stepless digital throttle control, 3-speed settings allow for safer controlled progression of your board skills
Max Load
: 120Kg
Carry Handle:
Safety trip switch
: Yes

Genesis Skateboards step it up a notch with 600 watts of power to the ground!

Another Longboard style. Not so much concave, more of a cruiser – plenty of room to put your feet, especially if you are a surfer chasing that endless wave. This board blends in and won’t show the dirt either!


Stinger Electric Skateboard Video Review




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